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Pro Flutter Login App, Frontend, Backend, Firebase – App for any Application

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Are you a student eager to kickstart your coding journey or a seasoned developer looking to streamline your workflow? Look no further – we’ve got just what you need! This isn’t just about code; it’s an entire playlist featuring over 20 YouTube videos that walk you through each step. With more than 15 screen designs, a meticulously organized folder structure to accommodate even the most extensive applications, and a custom dynamic light and dark theme setup with separate widgets, we’ve got your back. Download Pro Flutter Login App

What makes this package stand out? First and foremost, it boasts a professional folder structure that ensures seamless integration for any large application. The included custom dynamic light and dark theme setup, along with separate widgets, provides a personalized touch to enhance your user interface.Pro Flutter Login App

Pro Flutter Login App

But that’s not all – we’ve gone the extra mile to create screens that are not only visually appealing but also functional in Dark Mode. Complete Firebase authentication, supporting both email and password as well as phone number authentication, adds a layer of security to your application. Meanwhile, the Firebase Firestore setup allows you to effortlessly store, read, update, and delete user data, making data management a breeze.

Let’s delve into the features that make this offering a game-changer. Picture a modern educational dashboard design that caters to the needs of students and educators alike. The minimalist profile screen, complemented by an easy-to-use edit profile feature, ensures a seamless user experience. Never worry about forgotten passwords again – our forget password module has you covered.

For those opting for phone number or email authentication, we’ve crafted an OTP screen that adds an extra layer of security. The onboarding design makes the initial user experience smooth and engaging, setting the tone for a positive interaction with your application.

In a nutshell, this comprehensive package is more than just code – it’s a guided journey through 20+ YouTube videos, accompanied by 15+ screen designs, a professional folder structure, and custom dynamic themes. The inclusion of Firebase authentication and Firestore setup elevates your application’s functionality, while the modern educational dashboard and minimalist profile screen enhance the overall user experience.

Ready to save time and elevate your development game? Look no further – this is your one-stop solution for a seamless, efficient coding experience. Dive into the world of modern app development with confidence, armed with a resource that not only teaches you the ropes but also provides a robust foundation for your coding endeavors.




This playlist will help you jump-start app development Use of Packages with a complete separation of concern. Well Commented Code Build for both Android & IOSGuide How can you use this app in your codebase directly? There are two most frequently used techniques, 1st is just to use this project and add your code to this project as it already has an expandable folder structure. 2nd is that you can unzip your project and copy whatever code you need in your existing project. How to set up a firebase? Watch How to Set up the Firebase project in any Flutter project and follow the required steps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yafX6haLWMA&list=PL5jb9EteFAODpfNJu8U2CMqKFp4NaXlto

Features (Each Screen with videos on YouTube)

Elegant, clean, and minimal responsive design Professional Folder Structure (Video Setup) Light & Dark Themes for any scenario (Video Setup) Easy Firebase integration (Video Setup) Email and password registration (Video Setup) 4 popular social signup options (Video Setup/Each) Reset/Forget password module for an easy password reset (Video Setup) Modern Dashboard Design with profile screens (Video Setup) GETX State management

FLutter Login App by CwT covers many different use cases and it comes with both light and dark themes and works great with Android and iOS.

Use Cases It can be used with any Flutter application that requires a Login app. You can also use it with any Database but Firebase Login is already up & running.

Shopping Hotel Food Handyman Course Health Social Event Chat Music


Firebase authentication Google sign-in Facebook sign-in Email & Password sign in Phone no authentication sign-in Email Verification Forget Password

Screens Included

Native Splash Custom Animated Splash 3 Onboarding Screens Welcome Login Signup OTP verification Reset password New password Dashboard Profile Menu

Technology Used

We have used Flutter, an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, and iOS. The most significant advantage that Flutter gives in comparison to native Android is the cross-platform support, i.e., you can use the same codebase for different platforms like Android, iOS, etc.

There are many other reasons to get started…You can watch this course in the Playlist with details in each separate video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yafX6haLWMA&list=PL5jb9EteFAODpfNJu8U2CMqKFp4NaXlto

Interested?? Download the Pro Flutter Login App code and start your journey today!

So let’s get going


Note : These codes are licensed under GPL for educational purposes only. If you use them for business, you must purchase them from the original author.

Support is available for paid files only

All items are released under the GPL (General Public License). Trusted and verified.

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